Community Voices Project

WBAA has asked four citizens to write on topics in which they are expert, for a series of weekly essays it's calling the Community Voices Project.

These essays should not be construed to represent the views of WBAA, Purdue University or any of the staff members of either organization. They are solely the views of the authors, who are (in alphabetical order):

Tim Brouk, who covered the local music scene for 12 years as Arts and Entertainment Reporter for the Journal & Courier newspaper. Today, he is a proud employee of the Purdue College of Science and a music writer, photographer and videographer for

Lauren Ehrmann, who recently graduated from Frankfort High School. She is a professionally exhibiting artist, a member of the Frankfort Arts Council and member of the Tuesday Night Inkers. Lauren is a recipient of the Wells Scholarship and will be attending IU Bloomington to study art history.

Helen Hudson, a former Icelandic scholar, professor and teacher. Her educational career took her to Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin and Indiana — all away from her Iowa birthplace and upbringing. An addiction to her passion for food and sustainable living, she works with passenger mail and is involved with community organizations in Crawfordsville where she lives.

Rev. Marcia Mount Shoop, a theologian, minister and author of Touchdowns for Jesus and Other Signs of Apocalypse: Lifting the Veil on Big-Time Sports. Marcia and her family have been involved in football in the NFL and at Division I collegiate levels for over two decades. She is also a middle school cross country and track coach in West Lafayette, IN.

I didn't realize how lucky I was at the time.

As a lad growing up in St. Louis, I would pour over the concert listings in the local art weekly newspaper.

I was a music fiend. And I wanted to be around live music at all times.

Several clubs would display their show calendars. It was like a beautiful buffet of sonic delights spread out before me. My mind would spin trying to decide on what shows to hit. Or at least try to attend. Since I was a teenager, money was tight and transportation never a sure thing.

A Critical Look At Art History In High Schools

Apr 7, 2016


For many, the words ¨Art History” conjure up images of endless art slides and interminable lists of artists and movements to recognize. Many view the class as a mere exercise in memorizing artists, dates, and masterpieces, useful only for those who work in art and preservation. As such, the class is often taken in college as the students begin to specialize in their area of study.

Universities And The Young Minds They Tend

Mar 30, 2016

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the National Football League, which currently generates more than $13 billion in revenue a year, is having trouble coming to terms with the connection between traumatic head injury and football.