Top House Committee Leadership Jobs Open

Nov 21, 2016


Two significant House committees will have new leadership after their chairs left the chamber this year.

The House Public Policy Committee chair retired this year and the Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications chair moved to the Senate. Those two high profile positions now up for grabs in the House GOP caucus.

But political analyst Ed Feigenbaum says not to expect too much change in the direction of either committee.

“The committee chairs are perhaps less thought-leaders on a given issue than they are creatures of their caucus,” Feigenbaum says. “They are very reluctant, generally speaking, to lead the caucus in a different direction than the caucus might want to be led.”

Feigenbaum says he looks for the new Public Policy Committee chair to be a younger legislator.

“[One] who’s not identified with a particular side or a particular point of view in the gaming or alcohol regulation areas,” Feigenbaum says.

Though Feigenbaum adds that he sees the House Public Policy leadership role as more of a career killer than a career builder.

“If you take that committee chair, you understand that you’re going to be dealing with some very sensitive issues that aren’t going to help you on a personal/political basis,” Feigenbaum says.

House Speaker Brian Bosma says he expects to announce his choices after the General Assembly meets for its Organization Day.