Tippecanoe Co to set aside surplus funds for roads, bridges and drains

Jul 18, 2013

Tippecanoe County officials are close to solidifying minimum fund balances as they prepare to craft a new budget.

Members of the commission and council met with the county’s financial planner Thursday to fine tune their strategy.

Council President Roland Winger says taxpayers should know that the minimum balances they agree on are flexible.

“It’s not saying that we lawfully can’t go under that level if there’s some kind of emergency need. It’s a minimum target balance.”

He also says they don’t want to get down to the amount if the need is not there.

The county has roughly $11 million in its Rainy Day fund with a recommended minimum balance of $7 million. Officials say they could fund roads, bridges and drains with $3 million dollars from Rainy Day next year, to address a backlog of improvement projects.

Winger says they want to make sure they’re being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

“On certain situations it could result in overall lower (tax) rates, but that’s really not our driving factor. It’s making sure we’re not sitting on money that could be wisely invested in those things that we’re charged to take care of.”

Members also discussed using some money to help with the jail lease and maintenance of the parking garage.

The county council has budget hearings set for September.