Mayor of West Lafayette joins Freedom Indiana

Dec 3, 2013

Mayor John Dennis (R-West Lafayette)
Credit City of West Lafayette

The mayor of West Lafayette is opposing a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in the state.

John Dennis one of several city leaders across Indiana joining the Freedom Indiana group. In a statement, the two-term, Republican says the amendment goes against the city's values.

The City of West Lafayette prides itself on being a diverse, tolerant and welcoming community. For years we have been a state-wide leader in celebrating our diversity and ensuring that all our citizens are treated with respect. Because of this guiding philosophy, West Lafayette and the Greater Lafayette community has celebrated having over a billion dollars of new investment for 2013. HJR-6 sends the wrong message for our City, for our community and for our state.

State lawmakers are expected to vote on the amendment during the upcoming legislative session. If it’s approved, the issue would go to all Hoosier voters in the November General Election.