Lucinda Williams 8/5 Preview

Aug 3, 2017

Lucinda Williams
Credit David McClister

Grammy award winner Lucinda Williams performs Saturday night at Loeb Playhouse to start Purdue Convocations' new season.  WBAA's John Clare spoke to her about touring, and more.

Lucinda has fans are across the globe, and performs across Europe later this month, and in London in September. She says there is a difference where she performs, that some cultures are more reserved and others boisterous!

Her latest release is The Ghosts of Highway 20, inspired by her experiences and connections along the road with family and life. One song was written by Woody Guthrie, whose daughter Nora gave Williams the lyrics, to which she wrote music. The result is House of Earth.

Williams also covers a Bruce Springsteen song, Factory, and when I asked her about one of my favorites on the album, Faith & Grace, she said they hadn’t been performing live lately. Lucinda said it had been an improvisation in the studio, and on the road, there’s just four of them. That doesn’t mean you might not hear it. She adds that the set list changes – not just songs that are on her new release.

Lucinda Williams performs Saturday night at 8pm in Loeb Playhouse on the Purdue University campus.