IN lawmakers want to pause Common Core Standard implementation

Feb 22, 2013

Indiana is a step closer to taking a momentary break from implementation of the Common Core educational standards.  The state Senate Thursday passed legislation hold off on implementing the nationally-developed set of academic standards adopted in 45 states.

The bill’s author, Senator Scott Schneider (R-Indianapolis), says he was initially approached by two parents concerned about the Common Core.  His legislation originally eliminated the education standards; now, it halts implementation until the state Board of Education conducts public hearings in each of the state’s nine congressional districts.

However, Senator Earline Rogers (D-Gary) says not only has the state already spent money beginning to implement the standards, but a wide variety of organizations, such as the Parent Teacher Association, support Common Core.

“So we’re talking about two parents being concerned versus a statewide organization with 26,000 members who support Common Core.”

Senator Tim Skinner (D-Terre Haute) says he doesn’t see the problem with slowing down the process.

“I like the idea of having meetings around the state of Indiana and having people from the public to have input into the Common Core.”

The bill still requires a vote from the state Board of Education after the public hearings are held. The Board unanimously reaffirmed its support of the educational standards in a vote Wednesday.