IU Law Prof: Voter Fraud Allegations Undermine Election

Oct 31, 2016

Credit Nathan Gibbs / https://www.flickr.com/photos/nathangibbs/

An Indiana University law professor says state officials’ handling of a possible voter fraud investigation threatens the legitimacy of the election. 

An investigation into a group called the Indiana Voter Registration Project has led to accusations of voter fraud from the State Police and Secretary of State.

It’s unclear how many potential registrations the investigation covers. But Indiana University law professor Luis Fuentes-Rohwer says there’s very little evidence of voter fraud in Indiana’s history. He says he’s skeptical of the accusations without seeing some evidence.

“They led with the claim and left the evidence behind to be brought up at a future date. I would call that almost irresponsible," Fuentes-Rohwer says. 

And he says even if the group was forging some registration forms, Indiana’s voter ID law still makes influencing the election unlikely.

“If you were to try to steal an election – and I don’t recommend you do – but if you were to try to do that, you would not do it this way," he says. 

Fuentes-Rohwer says he thinks the larger issue is the system itself, where partisan officials oversee elections.