Industry Reps Weigh In On Possible Alcohol Law Changes

Oct 11, 2016

Credit WFIU Public Radio

Indiana lawmakers taking a comprehensive look at the state’s alcohol laws gave industry representatives a chance to weigh in during a Tuesday study committee meeting.

The Public Policy Study Committee’s first meeting was all about the history of Indiana’s alcohol laws. At the second, for those who’ve followed alcohol debates over the years, it was more of the same.

“I believe most of it’s about market share; it’s not about public policy,” says Big Red Liquors CEO Don Rix. “I would welcome and appreciate the opportunity to be at a table that addressed a comprehensive approach to how we do this, not single little pieces of this subject.”

Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking director Lisa Hutchinson acknowledges there might be some need for reform.

“But please do not sacrifice public health and safety over customer convenience or economic development,” she says.

The study committee will meet once more, later this month, as it decides what recommendations to deliver to the full General Assembly.