Indiana May Jobless Rate Falls, More Jobs Created Than Lost

Jun 17, 2016

Indiana's private sector added 13,000 jobs in May 2016.
Credit Lynn Friedman /

The number of unemployed Hoosiers decreased last month, the first time Indiana’s jobless rate has declined since September of last year.

The unemployment rate went down two-tenths of a percent in May, falling to five percent.

That’s the largest one-month decline in more than a year. 

The Hoosier private sector added nearly 13,000 jobs last month, led by a boost in the trade, transportation and utilities sectors. 

Manufacturing, however, took a hit – 2,100 jobs lost in May.  Also, the business and professional services sector saw a lost of 3,400 jobs.

Still, the overall job growth continues to set Indiana records, and more Hoosiers have been working than ever before, which is called peak employment. 

The private sector has added jobs eight out of the 11 months since Indiana reached a new peak employment level last July.  

In a statement, Governor Mike Pence heralds what he calls the “strong momentum” of the Hoosier economy. 

Yet the Indiana Democratic Party points out that Indiana’s per capita income has fallen to 38th in the country, and the state’s economy grew less than the national average last year.