Importance of Career and Technical Centers Growing

Dec 12, 2011

The current and future economy means about two-thirds of jobs require a post-secondary degree.

That’s according to Bill Stanczykiewicz who is the President and CEO of the Indiana Youth Institute.

He says one way the state is helping those who not pursuing a four-year degree in college, but are still trying to earn graduate credentials, is through career and technical education centers.

Stanczykiewicz  says it usually takes about one or two years to complete programs through the centers.

There are 49 in the state and he says students are using them to jump start their careers particularly for computer technology jobs.

Stanczykiewicz says the U.S ranks second in the world in the percentage of students earning bachelor’s degrees, but 16th in the world in terms of students with post-secondary degrees.

He says students pursuing these degrees are important now because there are job openings that are not being filled because there are not enough qualified applicants.