Off The Field With Morgan Burke: February 6

Feb 6, 2015

Purdue's athletics director says he doesn't think a little autonomy for big schools will lead to them splitting from the NCAA.
Credit Purdue Athletics

We know about college athletes because of their performance in the athletic arena. But what’s the life of a Division I athlete like when they’re not in competition?

This week on WBAA’s Off The Field With Morgan Burke, we ask what sorts of accommodations are made for athletes – both in their classes and with their coaches. Can athletes participate in the college experience as fully as most students?

Also on today’s program, we’ll also ask if the recent vote seeking autonomy for some of the biggest college programs in the country isn’t the first step toward irrelevance for the NCAA.

If the big schools can make their own rules, who needs the organization?

And we have profiles of a diver and a basketball player who are making news.