EPA Gets $16M More For Lead Clean-Up In East Chicago Superfund

22 hours ago

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has secured an additional $16 million to clean up a lead-contaminated Superfund site in the Calumet neighborhood of East Chicago, Indiana.

That money comes after “an agreement with several potentially responsible parties,” according to an EPA press release issued Tuesday.

Combined with $26 million from a 2014 settlement with DuPont and Atlantic Richfield, it will fund clean-up work in two parts of the Superfund site. That work is set to resume in April.

In the press release, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says “protecting the well-being of the people who live on the USS Lead Superfund site is crucial,” and that the EPA is accelerating the cleanup.

The Superfund is comprised of a former USS Lead facility, a residential neighborhood and the West Calumet Housing Complex. It was designated in 2009, and its lead and arsenic contamination is hundreds of times higher than the legal limit. Cleanup began in 2016, and this year, the EPA says it plans on cleaning up nearly 200 contaminated properties.

The EPA also says cleanup of the West Calumet Housing Complex — which East Chicago Mayor Anthony Copeland ordered demolished last year — is temporarily on hold.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.