Carson Talks ISIS, Secularism During Fort Wayne Visit

Dec 11, 2015

Carson speaks in Des Moines last spring
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Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has recently been criticized for his lack of foreign policy experience. Carson visited Fort Wayne Thursday for a rally and spent roughly a quarter of his time talking about international politics.

Carson told the standing-room-only crowd that a president can consult experts on topics he is unfamiliar with, like international relations.

“A president doesn’t have to know everything about everything, just like a CEO doesn’t," he says.

During the course of Carson’s 40-minute speech, he brought up international news like ISIS, Syrian refugees, Iran and Ukraine. In regards to ISIS, Carson says he wants the government to monitor social media and use cyber warfare to defeat them. He wants to establish better contact with Muslim leaders and enlist their help to fight radical Islam.

John Aukerman is a minister in Anderson. He says he liked what Carson said about foreign policies.

"He's criticized because people think just because he hasn’t been in politics he doesn’t know foreign policy," he says. "But he’s traveled the world and met with foreign leaders, and he’s smart.”

Aukerman also likes Carson’s religious background. The neurosurgeon received a standing ovation when he said the nation "must not submit to the secular progressives who are trying to remove God from our society."

A spokesman for Carson’s campaign says the presidential candidate will “definitely” be back to the Hoosier state to campaign.