Ask The Mayor: 30 Questions In 30 Minutes For Crawfordsville's Todd Barton

Jul 28, 2016

Topics on this month's show include drug crime and what Mayor Barton would like to see from an Eric Holcomb administration, if elected.
Credit Crawfordsville mayor's office

Like a lot of Indiana cities, Crawfordsville has seen an increase in drug crime in recent years.

The city has taken some steps, such as increasing patrols, but is there more Todd Barton’s administration could do to wield the power of big data in the city’s favor?

We put that question to him today on Ask The Mayor.

Also on this week’s program, the city has some unexpected budget issues to clear up – everything from putting off new power company improvements to figuring out how someone embezzled enough money from the city’s golf course to put it in the red.

This week's show covers quite a bit of ground in 30 minutes -- try to keep up!