Kristin Malavenda

Morning Edition Host & News Producer

Prior to moving to the Lafayette area in 1998, I lived most of my life in Connecticut. I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1991 (Go Huskies!) with a bachelors degree in communications and absolutely no intention of going into radio.

After working in childcare for about one year, and quickly realizing that I did NOT want to work with children, I landed my first job in radio. The news director at a small commercial station near UConn hired me basically because his wife told him to. I worked at WILI AM/FM for a little over 5 years before moving to Lafayette.

I took 6 years off to be a stay-at-home mom to the two cutest kids ever, Max and Zoe.

Despite having to get up before the sun (and most farm animals!) I love working at WBAA and look forward to being here for a long time.

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Indiana American Water

*Updated at 11:35am*

Indiana American Water has expanded a precautionary boil water advisory for a majority of its West Lafayette customers.

The order includes customers north of Stadium Avenue and lasts until 5 a.m. Saturday.

Company officials say an electrical problem caused its Davis Ferry water treatment plant and backup power generation equipment to shut down overnight, resulting in low water pressure to customers in that area.

Dennis S Hurd /

Most people associate gangs with big cities.

But a forum for youth services workers this week brought attention to the problem in Tippecanoe County.

Local authorities say while there are gangs in the area they’re nowhere near the level of, say, Waco, Texas where a fight between rival bikers resulted in nine deaths this week.

But some fear gang influence could rise to that level if the community doesn’t band together to limit it.

World Bank Photo Collection /

The Marion County Health Department has asked Tippecanoe County officials to partner with them on a new initiative designed to disseminate information about public health events more quickly.

Tippecanoe County Health Administrator Craig Rich says hospitals currently report concerns to the state Department of Health, which eventually disseminates the information to county health departments.

Kristin Malavenda/WBAA News

Dozens of small businesses opened across Greater Lafayette on Saturday—but just for the day.

It’s the 5th year the Greater Lafayette area participated in Lemonade Day, and, local leaders say it’s a time to get the community thinking local, especially as Lafayette and West Lafayette ponder revisions to their downtowns.

“My name is Cade and I’m 9 years old. My name is Callie and I’m 7 ½.”

City of Lafayette /

Lafayette residents will soon be getting new smaller containers for their garbage and using the current larger toters for their recycling. The message is clear-- recycle more than you put in area landfills. But is a bigger container all it takes to get people to recycle?

Mark Hogan /

Turning pavement into parks—that’s the idea of a parklet.

The city of Lafayette is considering adding some of these new public spaces in its downtown.

But doing so means taking away some prime parking spots in the downtown shopping district.

zamboni-man /

Two local law enforcement agencies are joining police departments across the nation in equipping officers with an antidote to heroin overdoses.

But not everyone agrees allowing police to administer Narcan is the best response to an increase in heroin use.

West Lafayette Police Chief Jason Dombkowski says heroin wasn’t really on the department’s radar until February. That’s when a Purdue student died from a heroin overdose. And while the incident occurred in Lafayette, Dombkowski realized the department needed to be better prepared to address drug use.

City of West Lafayette /

What’s it like to be mayor of a city where roughly 20,000 of your residents essentially disappear overnight? And why does it seem every year that as Purdue students leave town for the summer, the road construction crews move in?

We’ll get a rundown of the detours and traffic delays we can expect in West Lafayette over the next few months. And we’ll talk about this year’s municipal elections. How can we expect to engage voters when West Lafayette didn’t even have a primary this year?   

Kristin Malavenda/WBAA News

There are roughly 25-hundred National Historic Landmarks in the United States.

A house in West Lafayette recently joined that prestigious list.

At the end of a quiet street in West Lafayette is the John E. and Catherine E. Christian House.

The 2,200 square-foot home was designed by the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who named it Samara after the winged seeds found in pinecones on the wooded lot.

Tippecanoe County website /

The Tippecanoe County Commissioners are recommending a two-percent raise for county employees in 2016.

The pay hike will cost the county roughly $350,000.

Commissioner Dave Byers voted against the two-percent increase, because he believes county employees deserve more.