Charlotte Tuggle

Senior News Intern

My name is Charlotte Tuggle and I'm a senior at Purdue University studying mass communication. I'm the Senior News Intern at WBAA, so I work with Stan Jastrzebski in the news department.  I've been with WBAA for almost three years and I have learned so much - this is definitely not an internship where you grab coffee for staff.  WBAA has led me to believe that broadcasting is the career for me and my dream job would be to one day work for NPR in Washington, D.C.  I love writing about politics and while a big responsibility, the impact makes it worth it.  I absolutely would not trade this experience for the world! 

Purdue University Latino Cultural Center / Facebook

The space now occupied by the Purdue Latino Cultural Center is slated to become a fraternity parking lot.

Purdue Research Foundation officials say Purdue’s Phi Gamma Delta chapter purchased the land the LCC occupies and plans to expand into the lot.

The LCC will be forced to relocate to a smaller house a couple blocks closer to campus academic buildings early next semester.

Azra Ceylan / WBAA

The number of tips regarding the Delphi homicides case has doubled since the Wednesday release of an audio recording from one of the victims’ cell phones.

Indiana State Police, the FBI and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department have received nearly 4,000 phone and email tips thus far.

ISP Sergeant Tony Slocum says the release of the audio recording plus a monetary award for information caused the influx of tips.

Slocum says cases are often solved with the help of information from the public.

Martha Soukup /

A Purdue University research team hopes to use science, not just anecdotes, to prove dogs really are man’s best friend.

The researchers are conducting a years-long study that measures service dogs’ effect on humans, both emotionally and mentally.

Assistant professor of human-animal interaction Maggie O’Haire says part of the next phase is measuring levels of a stress hormone called cortisol.

City of West Lafayette

In his state of the city speech Monday night, West Lafayette mayor John Dennis said the city sets a standard for quality of life.

He then reminded the council that in the face of a new presidential administration, the city’s philosophy of inclusion should be upheld.

Dennis says the city’s residents celebrate diversity. He says the best demonstration of that local feeling came with the recent women’s rally in downtown Lafayette, in which he participated.

Putnam County Regional Airport

The Greencastle airport hopes to reignite local aviators’ interest in flying – and their interest in the municipal airstrip – by taking part in a national program Saturday.  

The Rusty Pilots Program, sponsored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), is aimed at pilots who have fallen out of practice and want to reenter the industry.


Charlotte Tuggle / WBAA News

In a quiet, colorful room of the Latino Cultural Center Monday night, Purdue students tried to represent their feelings of suffering and hope under a new president -- with art.

“Your existence, basically, is a triumph of pain and anxiety and a lot of negative emotions," says Diòn Sanders, a junior in College of Liberal Arts, who identifies as a queer person of color. "And I feel like through painting, I just want to convey the fact that it’s scary out there, but I’m still out here.”
J. Stephen Conn

Crawfordsville's mayor plans to create a more localized economic development board after nixing an agreement between the city and a group that had been tasked with promoting it.

Charlotte Tuggle / WBAA

Earlier this year, a state law mandated that a police department could not charge more than $150 for a copy of police body camera footage. The question now: Is $150 a fair price or might it have a cooling effect on people seeking video? WBAA’s Charlotte Tuggle reports. 

Police departments across Indiana are grappling with the cost of body-worn camera technology.

Some have quit the process altogether, saying the expense is too great for their department – even if they can recoup $150 every time someone asks for footage.

Charlotte Tuggle / WBAA

Despite various reports of police officer shortages around the country, Indiana seems to be taking less of a hit than other states. But those numbers may be misleading.

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) uses an interactive video during the last week of training for prospective officers.

Officers – and even the occasional journalist -- are faced with situations that may require firing a weapon and must decide what to do. And since it’s part of firearms training, the main decision is whether to shoot.

Charlotte Tuggle / WBAA

About 200 students marched through the Purdue University campus Wednesday to rally against president-elect Donald Trump. The protest was non-violent.

The rally’s student organizers aimed to show solidarity with minority groups who feel discriminated against by Donald Trump.

They cite his comments about minorities and women, calling his campaign “hate speech” and holding signs that read: “Dump Trump,” “Not My President” and “Love Trumps Hate.”