Azra Ceylan

WBAA News Intern

Azra Ceylan is a WBAA news intern who hails from Turkey.  She began her reporting career at a Turkish newspaper during the summer of 2016, when a military coup was attempted in the country, throwing Azra and her colleagues to the forefront of the news.

Residents of the Town of Otterbein are under a water boil advisory for the next two to three days due to a water main break.

The water main broke around 10:30 a.m. Monday during the installment of a new water hydrant and caused water in the whole town to be shut off, according to Deputy Clerk of Otterbein Betsy Jones.

“They couldn’t isolate just that section so that’s why the whole town had to be shut off,” Jones says.

Otterbein Elementary School was released just after noon Monday due to the water shutoff.

The first phase of the reconstruction of State Street is due to begin Monday, and that’ll mean changes for bus riders in West Lafayette. CityBus employees and riders alike are trying to see the closure of one of the city’s busiest streets as a blessing in disguise.

CityBus officials have planned detours for the company’s routes that use State Street. Development Manager Bryce Gibson says he hopes the detours are an opportunity for people who hadn’t previously been using public transportation to start.

Purdue University

Very few freshmen in Purdue University’s incoming class are affected by President Trump’s latest immigration order. And for those students who are, the school is hoping to secure waivers of the travel ban. 

Prospective Purdue students from countries affected by President Trump’s new executive order may face difficulty in obtaining their student visas if their waiver requests are denied.

Around 50 people gathered at Purdue University Thursday to protest President Trump’s immigration ban. The demonstration was on behalf of a large percentage of immigrant Purdue students who hail from one of the seven countries included in the order.

Wikimedia Commons

All but a handful of the approximately 100 Purdue students affected by President Donald Trump’s the recent immigration restrictions are Iranian. And two of them say it’ll be tough to get enough help to keep living their lives as they have been.

Siamak Rabienia, who’s a PhD candidate in mathematics, has only seen his family once during his five years in West Lafayette. He believes it’s going to be even more difficult for him to see them in light of the executive order.

“This is the basic stuff that everybody should have -- like, you have to see your family,” he says.