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West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis is in a unique position to comment on an increasingly chippy Tippecanoe County sheriff’s race. He’s served on a police force with incumbent Barry Richard and is currently the boss of Richard’s leading challenger, Jason Dombkowski.

A new release of Arnold Rosner's music is now out on Toccata Classics with the London Philharmonic and conductor Nick Palmer. WBAA's John Clare spoke to Palmer about the recording, watch their conversation below:

WBAA’s John Clare talks with Clayton Lein, of the Lafayette Chamber Singers. They’ll discuss the organization’s origins and history, and preview their concert this weekend.

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The Indiana Department of Workforce Development estimates there will be more than one million jobs to fill in the state by 2024 – and most of them won’t require a college degree.

Instead, many employers will be looking for highly-skilled workers with specialized certificates to fill positions in everything from manufacturing to healthcare.

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Credit Crawfordsville residents for trying to improve safety in a number of ways – even if there may be pushback.

In the wake of recent mass shootings, the city’s police department will oversee a church gun buyback event this weekend. But is the city prepared for possible protests?

The reconstituted human rights commission has begun to meet, but what issues are they addressing first?

And, like Lafayette, the city has established a bicycle and pedestrian committee to focus on the safety of those not in cars.  But how to balance who rules the road?

Sara Jane Coffman is a local author who has written some interesting books in the past. She is very candid and likes to share details of her life for a good laugh. In the process, Coffman gives us some tips on travel and life. She likes to discuss hard topics like the Chicago Cubs and Indiana's obsession with the team.  She talks a lot about her family and personal life which are a pretty interesting read. She has a great personality and gives a great look into a middle class family in Indiana. It is quite a fun read, West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has a review.

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A new virtual charter school focusing on agriculture is set to open at the end of July. But students won’t be confined to a computer screen for the entirety of their time at the school.

Representatives from the Indiana Agriculture & Technology School held an information session in Bloomington Wednesday to explain more about how the new program will work.

It incorporates a physical farm campus in Morgantown, with hundreds of acres of crops, pasture, and forest that will give students hands-on experience.

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Shortly after we taped this month’s conversation with Purdue President Mitch Daniels, the school’s trustees announced he would stay on as president until at least 2021, with year-to-year contracts after his current deal ends.

As you’ll hear, the president didn’t let on during our discussion that the new contract was in the works, but he does say some interesting things about whether it’ll be him or his successor who ends the school’s tuition freeze.

Tonight composer and conductor John Williams leads the Chicago Symphony in a concert of his music. A group of WBAA fans are going to the concert which is being recorded for a possible future CSO broadcast! CSO Trumpeter John Hagstrom spoke with WBAA Music Director John Clare about the concert.

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There are seven bands performing for Jazz on the Hill this Sunday afternoon. WBAA's John Clare spoke with bassist and leader Scott Pazera about the program.