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The American College of Sports Medicine's annual American Fitness Index is out, and while Indianapolis lands in last place again… it’s not all bad news.

The index, now in its 9th year, ranks 50 U.S. cities based on factors such as spending on parks and recreation, obesity and smoking rates and diet.

The fitness report measures the fifty largest metropolitan statistical areas, nationwide.

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Indiana’s Commission on Improving the Status of Children wants to refocus its efforts on improving child welfare by developing a new strategic plan. 

The Commission on Improving the Status of Children was formed by the General Assembly in 2013 and received a progress report from a national child welfare consultant group.

Consultant Holly Merz says the commission has made great strides in relationship-building in a child welfare system that’s spread in some cases across a dozen different agencies.


Astronauts traveling at the speed of light would still take 30 years to reach AGC 198691, otherwise known as Leoncino, the "little lion" galaxy. Once arrived, they would find a cluster of stars described by scientists as "pristine," an intergalactic time capsule.

For some reason, the small, faint Leoncino contains the smallest amounts of metals in any galaxy ever discovered, a characteristic Indiana University astronomers say could offer scientists insight into theories about the Big Bang.

The findings appear this month in the Astrophysical Journal.

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Undocumented students in Indiana can apply for a privately funded scholarship to attend college in Delaware or Connecticut. is a privately-funded scholarship organization that helps undocumented students fund their college education.

According to the Indiana Latino Institute, an estimated 300-400 undocumented students graduate from Indiana high schools each year.

Indiana is one of the many states that charge undocumented students out-of-state college tuition.

Close 8th District Primary May Be Decided By A Recount

May 17, 2016
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Indiana’s Eighth Congressional District will have a primary election recount on the Democratic side.

In the days right after the election, Ron Drake led opponent David Orentlicher by 61 votes.

After the counties counted absentee and provisional ballots this week, Drake is now up by only 53, out of close to 60,000 total votes, leading Orentlicher to file a petition for a recount Tuesday.

"Because mistakes are made, machines aren’t perfect, and the people who…the humans who count the absentee ballots and provisional ballots make mistakes too," Orentlicher says.

United Soybean Board

More wet weather didn't help Indiana farmers make up for lost time in planting corn last week -- and they weren't able to supplement with soybeans, either.

It could mean some big decisions for growers heading into summer.

Indiana planted just seven percent more of its projected corn acreage in the past week, according to the latest USDA numbers.

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The Indiana Pacers announced Monday they have named Nate McMillan as their head coach. McMillan has spent the last three seasons as Associate Head Coach for the Pacers under former coach Frank Vogel.

McMillan says coaching is different now than when he first started more than a decade ago.

"There is a lot of old school in me,” he says, “and I won’t lose all of that, but I do understand you have to adapt to this generation.”

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is funneling over $7 million in federal money to Indiana healthcare centers to help revamp their facilities.

The grant is funded through the Affordable Care Act’s Community Health Center Fund. The Indiana health centers receiving grant money are in Gary, Jeffersonville, Indianapolis, Portage, West Lafayette, Merrillville and Clinton.

Indiana’s Raphael Health Center CEO Dee Roudebush says they’ve been awarded $1 million.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Subaru is cutting back on production and overtime at its Indiana factory to free up parts for a major recall.

The Japanese car-maker has to fix a steering problem in more than 50,000 new vehicles made recently at its only plant in North America.

The Lafayette factory employs more than 4,000 workers -- and thanks to the recall, as many as 3,000 of them may miss out on daily and Saturday overtime for the next few weeks.

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Indiana saw the third-largest decrease in coal use, nationally since 2007, a change the federal Energy Information Administration credits the reduction in coal use to the affordability of cleaner alternatives.

Indiana used 37 percent less coal for electricity generation between 2007 and 2015. Only Ohio and Pennsylvania saw a larger decrease.

Beyond Coal campaign representative for the Sierra Club Jodi Perras says she interprets the Energy Information Agency, or EIA, report to mean Indiana’s coal industry is on its way out.