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The Indiana Economic Development Corporation will soon decide which regions are awarded $84 million for the Regional Cities Initiative, and lawmakers could decide this coming session whether more money will be given out.

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It may be dozens of years and tens of millions of dollars in the future, but officials from the greater Lafayette area have big dreams for developing the Wabash riverfront.

In 2008, the Wabash River Enhancement Corporation, a nonprofit comprising representatives from the Lafayette, West Lafayette and Purdue communities, created a master plan envisioning a unified, walkable riverfront in the same vein as Louisville, Kentucky’s.

Thomas Keon To Lead New Purdue University Northwest

Nov 20, 2015
photo provided by Purdue University

Thomas Keon will become Chancellor of the new Purdue University Northwest system when it comes into existence next year.                                                                           


Effective July 1, Keon will lead the unified campuses of Purdue University Calumet and Purdue University North Central. 

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A prominent group of Indiana-based Christians is speaking out against Governor Pence's refusal to admit Syrian refugees to the state.

Christian Church of the Disciples of Christ spokesperson Cherilyn Willams says the church’s opposition to the Governor's move isn't based on politics or ideology.

“We’re very disappointed in the attitude of fear that seems to be prevalent,” Williams says. “Knowing that these folks have been vetted, they are our brothers and sisters as God’s children and it feels like we’re not being very welcoming.”