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Lafayette residents can expect to see more large drainage pipe installed under city streets, and sewer customers can expect an increase in rates next year.

The Board of Public Works and Safety on Tuesday cleared the way for the city to embark on the third phase of its 20-year plan to upgrade sewer infrastructure and reduce the amount of untreated wastewater that flows into the Wabash River during heavy rains.

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Where you live and which amenities are available in your community can have a direct impact on your health.

This is the tale of parks investment in two cities where health outcomes are very different.

In Carmel, Indiana the newest playground is a $4 million facility in Central Park.  It features, a 32-foot tower with bridges, slides, numerous climbing structures and tunnels, as well as an electronic wack-a-mole and a splash pad.

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A juvenile correctional facility in southeastern Indiana started an experiment two years ago.

It distributed secure tablet computers to all of the girls.

The goal of the technology was to help improve the girls’ educational experiences and opportunities.

But the tablets are having an impact beyond the classroom.

Tablets Give Teachers, Students More Access To Educational Tools

Bloomington Symphony Orchestra

WBAA's John Clare recently spoke with Adam Bodony, Director of Orchestras, about the next Purdue Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra performance, Friday, December 2 at 8 pm at the Long Center in Lafayette.

Find out more about the concert here.

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A family hoping to open a snow tubing and recreation facility is looking into two different properties in Nashville, Indiana.

Dale Martyn and her family previously tried to open the business in Morgan County, but the board of zoning appeals rejected their proposal in August after many community members voiced criticism. Some worried the park would hurt property values, increase traffic, and cause too much noise.

But Martyn says Nashville city officials are working with the family business.

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The city council in the Daviess County town of Washington is considering expanding the scope of who may issue citations for some ordinance violations.  

Currently, only police officers can issue citations for violating city rules. But that could change.

The proposal would allow the fire department, building commissioner, and animal control officers to hand out violations.

Washington Common Council Member Michael Singleton says the city noticed some police officers were spending a majority of their time on citations.  

Author Jolene Brackey has come out with a fifth edition of her book Creating Moments of Joy this month. In it, she shares her experiences as an Alzheimer's caregiver and her ideas for changing the way we see the disease from the outside. WBAA's exclusive interview highlights Brackey's inspiration to write, her advice for caregivers, and the updates to the fifth addition that will benefit old and new readers alike. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel leads the discussion.

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Eli Lilly has announced a promising drug that would have become the first disease-modifying treatment for Alzheimer’s disease has failed a late-stage clinical trial.

The results come as a devastating blow for Indianapolis-based Lilly, which had sunk decades of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the medication, called solanezumab, or “sola.”

The pharmaceutical world had held its breath awaiting the results of the final-stage study, which were expected to be released in early December.

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When we spoke last month with Crawfordsville’s Todd Barton on Ask The Mayor, we parsed a proposed ordinance cracking down on bad behavior by landlords.

But in the intervening month, a WBAA investigation has uncovered even more fraud than the mayor or county officials appear to be aware of.

Also on this week’s program, nearly half of all Montgomery County voters chose the straight-ticket voting option at the polls in this year’s general election.

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Like many other places around the country, Purdue played host to protests in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

These were peaceful demonstrations which ended with supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shaking hands after airing their feelings.