4:26 pm
Mon November 24, 2014

Education Leaders: Nothing Succeeds Without Family Engagement

Schools are encouraging parents, more than ever, to model the behaviors a student sees in the classroom in the home as well.
Credit Roger Lawrence /

As an education reporter in Indiana, I talk to a lot different people about education issues: politicians, teachers, parents, state agency employees and kids explain their opinions on everything from pre-k to standardized testing.

No matter what problem we’re talking about, everyone cites one thing as a solution: family engagement.

So everyone agrees, as soon as a child is born, parents should be involved. But how exactly does that help them learn?

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General News
12:40 pm
Mon November 24, 2014

Fuel Tax Changes Recommended To Help INDOT Funding Needs

Chamber of Commerce CEO Kevin Brinegar suggests a fee for owners of hybrids and electric cars, to make up for the loss in fuel taxes.
Credit Chrysler Group

The Indiana Department of Transportation is in the middle of a comprehensive two-year study to determine its future infrastructure funding needs. 

But Chamber of Commerce CEO Kevin Brinegar says there are some changes the legislature can make right away that will help move the state in the right direction.

He says that includes some sort of assessment on alternative-fuel vehicles, whose drivers don’t pay as much in fuel taxes as most people.

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General News
12:32 pm
Mon November 24, 2014

Long Predicts HIP 2.0 Rejection, Warns It Could Jeopardize Existing Plan As Well

Credit Sean Lamb /

Senate President Pro Tem David Long is warning of far-reaching consequences if the government rejects Indiana's request to expand the Healthy Indiana Plan.

Long and House Speaker Brian Bosma both accuse the Obama Administration of politicizing the debate over Indiana's proposal to use the state's insurance plan as a vehicle for the Medicaid expansion envisioned by the Affordable Care Act. The expansion would make 600-thousand uninsured Hoosiers eligible for the plan, 10 times HIP's current enrollment.

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General News
12:13 pm
Mon November 24, 2014

Hundreds Remember Abdul-Rahman Kassig At Memorial Service

Butler University hosted a memorial service for former student Abdul-Rahman Kassig, who was murdered by ISIS.
Credit Barbara Harrington /

Hundreds of mourners poured into Butler University’s Clowes Memorial Hall for a funeral service honoring aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig last night.

ISIS released a video last week revealing they’d killed the Indianapolis native. 

The memorial service was centered around an important aspect of Abdul-Rahman Kassig’s life – his faith.

It honored both his Methodist upbringing and his recent conversion to Islam.

Friends say Kassig voluntarily chose to embrace the religion while in captivity and changed his name from Peter to Abdul-Rahman.

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5:34 pm
Sun November 23, 2014

Defense Helps Purdue Bounce Back From 2OT Loss

Sophomore guard Ashley Morrissette runs the floor for a layup against Toledo. The Boilermakers neat the Rockets 66-48 Sunday at Mackey Arena.
Credit Kristin Malavenda/WBAA News /

The Purdue women’s basketball team bounced back from a double overtime loss to Green Bay on Wednesday with a convincing 66-48 win over Toledo today at Mackey Arena.

The 24th-ranked Boilermakers opened up a 14-point lead in the first half, thanks largely to 10 points from junior guard Hayden Hamby.

Head coach Sharon Versyp says the Boilers’ defense set the tone in the first half.

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