4:37 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Lugar: An Independent Scotland Is Bad For The U.S.

Former Sen. Richard Lugar, once head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says the UK would be weakened by an independent Scotland, thus weakening efforts at peace in the Middle East.
Credit Mike Loizzo / WBAA News

Former Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) is speaking out on this week’s independence referendum in Scotland. Lugar says he hopes the vote that would separate Scotland from the United Kingdom fails.

Analysts say the vote looks tight and could go either way. Lugar, the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says if Scotland breaks away, it‘ll change the face of the United Kingdom as we know it and directly impact the U.S.

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4:29 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

BMV Plans Second Overcharge Repayment After Excise Tax Error

The state, for the last ten years, has overcharged people an average of $160 for every new car purchased in Indiana.
Credit Niels Paul /

If you bought a new car in the last 10 years, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles may have overcharged you.

The BMV will send refund forms over the next month to an estimated 180,000 Hoosiers who were charged too much excise tax.

Commissioner Don Snemis says a computer coding error improperly denied an inflation adjustment to some cars bought early in the model year -- and went unnoticed for 10 years, through three governors and countless BMV commissioners.

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Science & Medicine
4:20 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Pharmacies To Start Disposing Of Unwanted Drugs

Pharmacies will have to register with the DEA and certify they can dilute the drugs so they're no longer usable.
Credit Almond Dhukka /

In three weeks, Hoosiers will be able to return unused prescription drugs to pharmacies year-round, instead of waiting for periodic "drug takeback days."   

President Obama signed a law four years ago repealing Drug Enforcement Administration requirements that only police or DEA agents could receive and dispose of leftover medication. But it‘s taken the DEA until now to finalize rules to let drugstores handle it themselves.

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8:36 am
Tue September 16, 2014

Purdue Joins Group That'll Share Data On Bettering Low-Income Student Performance

Mitch Daniels is one of 11 college presidents hoping big data can get more first-time and low-income students to succeed.
Credit Wes Jackson /

In a few years, student bodies at some major public universities could include more low-income and first-generation collegians.

That’s the goal of the University Innovation Alliance, a group of 11 schools joining forces Tuesday. The Alliance’s goal is to help those students – whom numbers suggest don’t succeed as often as their peers from well-to-do backgrounds – graduate at a higher rate.

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4:37 pm
Mon September 15, 2014

Statehouse Committee Begins Look At State's Business Tax Climate

The Council on State Taxation's Fred Nicely, who says Indiana doesn't burden its businesses too much with taxes.
Credit Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Indiana’s Senate budget leader says the legislature needs to focus more on the tax climate for all Hoosiers, not just businesses. 

A study from the Council on State Taxation reports that Indiana’s tax burden on businesses is the lowest of any of its neighbors.  It’s also among the ten lowest in the country. 

The Council’s Senior Tax Counsel Fred Nicely says the one area Indiana could improve is its business personal property tax.

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