4:32 pm
Thu May 21, 2015

Ask The Mayor: Crawfordsville's Todd Barton

On this week's show, Mayor Barton talks about crafting his city's Stellar Communities grant for 22-to-35-year olds -- if the city can just find some...
Credit Courtesy Crawfordsville Mayor's Office

The City of Crawfordsville is in the midst of multiple grant proposals to the state. We talk a lot on this week’s program about the ins and outs of the Stellar Communities grant for which Crawfordsville is a finalist, but there’s also the governor’s Regional Cities Initiative.

So is it considering double-dipping if one city attempts to receive multiple gifts from the state?

A lot of the Stellar application is based around attracting and keeping young people in Crawfordsville.

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General News
12:54 pm
Thu May 21, 2015

Officials Say Controlling Gang Activity In Tippecanoe County Is A Constant Battle

Tippecanoe County officials say they track a lot of gang activity online, on social media sites such as Facebook.
Credit Dennis S Hurd /

Most people associate gangs with big cities.

But a forum for youth services workers this week brought attention to the problem in Tippecanoe County.

Local authorities say while there are gangs in the area they’re nowhere near the level of, say, Waco, Texas where a fight between rival bikers resulted in nine deaths this week.

But some fear gang influence could rise to that level if the community doesn’t band together to limit it.

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12:52 pm
Thu May 21, 2015

State Health Commissioner Testifies On Capitol Hill About Indiana HIV Outbreak

Credit ZaldyImg /

Indiana State Health Commissioner Jerome Adams testified Thursday before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations in Washington D.C about the HIV outbreak in southern Indiana.

Adams says the number of positive cases is up to 160.

He suggests a three-part system for dealing with the drug abuse that led to the epidemic.

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Elections & Politics
12:42 pm
Thu May 21, 2015

Hogsett's Vow: If Elected, No More Than Two Terms

Joe Hoggset is the Democratic nominee for Indianapolis mayor.
Credit Bill Shaw

Joe Hogsett is pledging to serve a maximum of two terms if elected mayor of Indianapolis. Indianapolis mayors were limited to two terms until 1983, when legislators repealed the law for then-Mayor Bill Hudnut, who went on to serve four. Hogsett says the cap should be restored.

"Mayors are leaders and decision makers who are elected to address the immediate and pressing concerns of the people of the community," Hogsett says. "Each mayor of our city should be given a maximum of eight years to implement his or her vision."

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General News
9:24 am
Thu May 21, 2015

Bird Flu Detected In Indiana

Credit Laura Carmer /

Indiana poultry farmers are extremely concerned about a lethal avian flu virus that has recently been detected in the state.

A backyard flock in Whitley County tested positive for the disease, resulting in the killing of nearly 100 birds.

Pat Wakenell is an associate professor of avian diagnostics at Purdue and one of an estimated 100 poultry veterinarians in the U.S.

She’s led avian flu testing at Purdue since the start of the outbreak.

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