Indiana BMV

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles officials say the agency has made significant progress towards streamlining efficiency and improving transparency. 

An independent firm released a report on the BMV in May after systemic issues – including millions of dollars in fee over- and undercharges – were uncovered.  New BMV Chief of Staff Peter Lacy says the agency has already resolved some of the findings and implemented improvements, including the creation of an internal audit department.  Lacy says the bureau also addressed the 16 mischarged fees identified in the report.

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Indiana tax collections reported by the state last month were more than $80 million below projections.  

State budget officials say a processing error threw off revenue figures:

The state recently transitioned to a new tax payment processing system, intended to provide more robust data security.  But an error in the system sent about 50,000 of the more than 12,000 payments collected in September to what’s called manual processing…meaning that a state employee had to personally review the transaction. 

Invasive Asian Carp Pose Potential Threat To Lake Monroe

16 hours ago
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Asian carp are wreaking havoc on rivers across Indiana – most recently in Monroe County.

The invasive species has been detected in Salt Creek, sparking fears that the fish will make their way into nearby Lake Monroe. The Department of Natural Resources is alerting fishermen to try and prevent that from happening.

But if Asian carp do end up in Lake Monroe, there’s not much the state can do to get rid of them.

  When a gardening competition in the small Michigan town of Livia heats up, Dr. Phyllis Sproot is the first to create some sparks. Norman Draper's tale, Backyard, is a hilarious account of   all the competitors involved and their villanous ways of cheating their way to the top. It is sure to keep even the most novice of gardeners involved and entertained, and West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.

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10:00 p.m. Friday update:

Responding to WBAA's story about the Trustees' decision regarding the role of mentorship in the Purdue tenure process, Academic Affairs Committee Chair JoAnn Brouillette issued the following statement:

Mark Simons/Purdue University

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels is set to receive more than $113,000 from the school, based on the previous year’s performance at his job.

The full Purdue Board of Trustees is expected to approve a motion Friday morning granting Daniels 90-percent of his at-risk pay for the previous year, but it took some interesting math to reach that number.

The pay is broken down into four areas in which Daniels is judged: student affordability, student success, fundraising and the school’s reputation.

Pence Appeals FEMA's Flood Assistance Refusal

Oct 8, 2015

Governor Pence is appealing a federal decision denying a request for assistance to help local governments recover from flooding and severe storms.

The governor calls FEMA's decision "arbitrary," ''erroneous" and "inconsistent" with the way the agency treats other states. The funds were requested to help pay for damages after severe summer storms that led to flooding and crop damage.

Nineteen counties are included in the request and Pence says he’s reserving the right to add additional counties.

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A consortium of groups including the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is sending tens of thousands of pre-packaged meals and other supplies.

Thrive360 Executive Director Jill Madinger says her group is sending 57,000 pre-packaged meals on eight pallets. She says the main staple is a dehydrated soy-rice casserole.

“It just really makes us feel good to know that through Hoosier donations and Hoosier hands, that actually packaged these meals, that we’re able to help,” Madinger says.

Lafayette Mayor's Office

A sports marketing firm has gotten City of Lafayette officials to play ball when it comes to selling beer at Loeb Stadium.

The park has been home to several teams in the past 70 years, but none has lasted more than a few seasons. So what makes Mayor Tony Roswarski think this time will be any different?

We also talk more about crime on today’s program. A listener writes in to say she’s worried about her neighborhood.

And the city is hoping sending more police cars home with officers will stem the rising tide of violence. But is that an admission something’s wrong?

Indiana House Representatives Republican Caucus /

House Republicans have selected Matthew Lehman (R-Berne) as their new majority leader.

Lehman defeated Rep. Sean Eberhart (R-Shelbyville) in a Republican caucus after what Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) describes as a friendly discussion.

“In a very respectful discussion from both veteran legislators, both with their own unique talents and characteristics, it was good. It was healthy,” Bosma says.

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A new report says freight in Indiana is going to double by 2035, and it offers a multi-pronged strategy to strengthen Central Indiana's logistics industry.

The Conexus Indiana Central Regional Logistics Council released its strategic plan Wednesday. The 30-year plan identifies dozens of infrastructure projects and public policy and workforce strategies needed to aid firms that specialize in hauling freight by road, rail, water or air.

Lawmakers Consider Loosening Restaurant Tax Rules

Oct 7, 2015
Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership /

Legislators are debating whether local governments should have blanket authority to impose food and beverage taxes.

When cities and counties want to tax restaurant meals to raise money for a special project, they have to get legislative approval. Angola Mayor Richard Hickman says especially with property tax caps and the abolition of the inventory tax, cash-strapped local governments shouldn't need permission to find a new source of money.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Residents of Danville, Indiana, along with the Hoosier Environmental Council, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against a large factory farm. If successful, the suit could have major consequences for the agriculture industry in the state.

Neighbors of the farm, which contains approximately 8,000 pigs, say the odor is unbearable. Gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide that waft from large manure pits could pose health risks. And they say their property value has plummeted, so they can’t just sell and move away.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Indiana’s synthetic drug law bars the sale of certain compounds and look-alikes, while allowing the pharmacy board to add new compounds to the list of banned substances. 

Two of the first people convicted under the law challenged the statute, claiming it was too vague to be constitutional. 

They also argued the General Assembly couldn’t delegate that much authority to an administrative agency, and the state Court of Appeals agreed.  But the Supreme Court went the other way. 

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Lafayette’s Loeb Stadium, the 75-year-old 3,500-seater in Columbian Park, is home to the Colt World series, American Legion baseball and Jefferson High School’s team. But when it comes to professional ball, things have never quite worked out for the ballpark.

As was announced this week, a consortium that owns several Midwestern collegiate teams is ready to try again.