Before anyone got their news from Facebook or Twitter, telegrams made current events accessible around the globe. The invention's rise in popularity allowed the American Civil War to become one of the first conflicts to spark global interest.

The Case of All Nations: An International History of the American Civil War by Professor Don Doyle examines how the war was received in the rest of the world, and how both sides attempted to sway international opinion. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has this review.

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Republican legislative leaders say a formal study on creating civil rights protections for the LGBT community won’t happen this year -- but they say they’ll be thinking about the issue regardless.

Republican leaders admitted earlier this year that controversy surrounding the religious freedom bill fast-forwarded the debate around adding LGBT protections to the state’s civil rights statute. 

Indiana Toll Road Under New Management

22 hours ago

  The Indiana Toll Road is officially under new management Thursday as an Australian firm finalized its purchase of the previous operator, which went bankrupt last year. 

The Indiana Toll Road Concession Company, which took over operations of the toll road under a lease agreement in 2006, filed for bankruptcy in September of last year. IFM Investors, selected by the state from among four finalists, now assumes management of the 156 mile stretch of highway across northern Indiana. 

Donnelly Urges Senate To Reauthorize Suveillance Programs

23 hours ago

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly says the Senate can‘t afford to miss a Sunday deadline to reauthorize government surveillance programs.

Donnelly and Florida‘s Bill Nelson were the only Democrats to support a two-month extension last weekend -- most Democrats allied with Republican privacy advocates led by Kentucky Senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul to defeat the bill.

Donnelly says he‘d prefer to simply extend the Patriot Act -- he notes the last reauthorization five years ago sailed through on a voice vote.

Bill Would Cut Price Of Hard Liquor

23 hours ago
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The price of bourbon and other hard liquor could go down sharply under a bill introduced by an Indiana congressman.

Distilled spirits are subject to a $13.50 a gallon tax.

Ninth District Republican Todd Young says his district is home to several small distillers, and he thinks they‘re the kind of small business government should encourage.

Young argues the whole notion of so-called "sin taxes" on alcohol is out of date, and says the tax on bourbon and other spirits is out of proportion -- he says it can be responsible for as much as half the retail price.